Why you should Wear Contact lenses Instead of Glasses

I know, it is a topic of debate. Pro-glasses have all the reasons and misconceptions about contact lenses. Some people opt for the two. If you at the decision-making stage, do not be swayed.

Here is the truth; contact lenses are safe and effective. Effectiveness of contact lenses requires proper care and high levels of hygiene, sometimes using eye drops as well.

The only thing you can compare between contact lenses and glasses is the primary function, for enhancing sight. Otherwise, the benefits of contact lenses outweigh glasses by far.

Here are few reasons why you should consider switching to contact lenses.


Contact lenses do not bother your eyes. Actually, you will get used to them in a week and if not for vision difficulty, you might not know whether you are wearing them or not. Of course, other people would barely notice unless they know where to look.

If you are suffering from dry eyes there are specific contact lenses for your comfort. There are varieties of contact lenses for different conditions; whether you have astigmatism or presbyopia, contact lenses are specified for each condition. Multifocals and toric lenses are among the specifications. People with sensitive eyes have no trouble using these lenses.

Maintain your style

Unlike glasses, you don’t have to forego or change your eye makeup to fit the glasses look. Of course, glasses will complement your look but you will also have to forego enhancements on your eyes.

After you fix contact lenses you can go on with makeup; you can adjust makeup in the idle of the day with less hassle.

Some people with glasses have to add contact lenses to protect their eyes from UV rays.

Less prone to damage

Unlike glasses, lenses won’t be affected by steam in hot conditions. No adverse weather or any kind of elements including rain can affect your vision. You don’t have to keep on removing lenses when you encounter unfavorable weather.

Also, you won’t have to worry about scratches like when pulling out glasses. Lenses will always be on the eyes, no need to keep on removing and replacing. No reflections and distortions effect from light like with glasses.

Less prone to damage means they are durable. You won’t be needing a new pair of glasses because of breakage or scratches.

Clear vision

Lenses provide a wide and clear view than glasses. The fact that lenses fit according to curvature of the eyes, they increase focus and clarity. They are not glasses hence no distortion of images from refraction and reflection of light.



If you think you can be more creative with glasses than contact lenses, you are wrong. In fact, there is more flexibility with colors of contact lenses. The enhancement is more pronounced. You choose a favorite color. Whether you want clear lenses to match your natural look, mild, or intense color in your eyes, the lenses can be customized to your liking.

Glasses have cosmetic value, no doubt; however, contact lenses are better if cosmetic is your goal.

Less interference

If you are an athlete, this is the best option. Lenses won’t fall off or move when you are engaging in physical exercise. It doesn’t matter if you are turning upside down or sprinting on rugged surface, they won’t fall off. Lenses only come off if you intentionally remove them or rub your eyes rigorously. Otherwise, they will always be intact in your eye sockets. Falling off and break is not anything to worry about unlike glasses.

You can wear a cap or helmet with no obstruction.

Go for contact lenses! You have no reason to stick to glasses.