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Start a Bounce House Business! How it Works.

So you want to start your own bounce house rental business.  We can help!

The amusement industry has become a very fast growing and profitable market. One part of the amusement industry, inflatable's, likewise has been growing very rapidly. Inflatable rentals for parties and special occasions has become very popular in the last decade. Renting an inflatable for children's party or a big event is a great way to keep a large crowd of kids entertained.

Watch the happy faces of children, when you inflate a bounce house in the back yard. A lot of rental operators find this the most rewarding part of their business. Party rentals is a fun business, because your job is to make children happy. We would not want to suggest that there is no hard work involved. These units can be heavy (although we sell some nice lighter ones) and you often will find yourself setting up for a party on a Saturday AM....

Lets take an average rental day for a company that has three basic bounce houses, one combo unit, and two concession machines (cotton candy, popcorn, snow cone, etc.)

Renting two out of three bounce houses at $90 each, combo unit for $150 and only one of concession machines at $50.
This would give you gross income of $380.

Consider making half of that on Sunday ($190). Bringing the total for the week to $570. Now deduct $70 for expenses($15 concession supply, $25 gas, $30 car allowance for maintenance and depreciation).
You net $500.

Saturday and Sunday are the busiest rental days of the week making inflatable rentals a great part time start up business. Inflatable's should typically rent out on the average of 1.5 times per week. Now lets consider how much you may pay for your equipment:

Average bounce house price $2000 x 3 bounce house = $6000
Plus 1 combo unit at average $3600
Plus 2 concession machines at $650 each=$1300.


This is less than a price for a compact car, yet in a lot of U.S. cities $2000 will pay for a mortgage and leave you some money to spare. All of this from working just on weekends.

Just a note that we used some very onservative figures, you may be able to charge 200 or 300 per day. A lot of our customers come from towns where a parent tried to rent an inflatable and found out that the companies are booked out or they are far away with high delivery fees.  To summarize this business opportunity here is what Magic Jump wants to tell you: This is not a buy a book, sell a book, or knock on your neighbors door to sell them something kind of business. This business gives children what they want, be the one who they are anxiously waiting for, work hard and honest, and get paid well for it. Work hard and honest and get paid well for it. Let us show you how we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and succeed in their own party rental business!

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